This is a project that I began with my great friend Bruce Walshe more years ago than I care to remember. It started with an idea of Bruce's which I developed into a screenplay and then a novel released in 2005. Since then it has got a lot of favourable attention from rave reviews by published authors and authorities on fantasy as well as an established filmmaker who has expressed interest in developing it for the screen. It's been through a number of name changes and phases of development. For the moment I'm referring to it a The Secret Project. This is some development art which I produced in order to pitch it for TV. 

These are some of the good guys, the courageous Cootband fighting the dreaded Pitters.

This is where the Pitters live in an underground realm in another dimension parallel to our own.

The dreaded Ghulart, King of the Pitters, with assorted thralls and cronies.

And here is where some of the other good guys, the Cares, live.

Here's the Carers up close.

Warrior girl, Ruby, clad in armour created by the magical staff which it is her power to wield a section of.

Jem, Ruby's brother-in-arms and another wielder of the staff.

This next one is another pet project of mine. The Catvengers. It was originally developed as an ilustrated book but I have been turning it into a graphic novel and a TV show. I was looking for a TV producer and animation team to help me take it to the next level before I shifted my attention to 'The Secret'. 

This is an illustration from the original novella which is now available from Amazon. You can find out more about the book by following this link.


 Here's some story boards/key frames from the first show.

 Here's a page from the graphic novel version.