About Me

I'm an editor, writer and publisher (at Possible Press) as well as an illustrator. My passion for words and images means I'm drawn to projects that combine the two like films and graphic novels or a good adverstisement. I love to illustrate my own work but it can be very exciting bringing someone else's vision to life. It's tremendous to have someone say - that's exactly what I had in mind, how did you get in my head? Or sometimes - I never pictured it like that, but this is better than what I thought I wanted...

I also have worked as an assessor and editor and have helped a number of talented professional authors get their start, including Anthony O'Niel (Scheherazade, HarperCollins) Nansi Kunze (Mishaps Random House) and Christopher Ride (The Schumann Frequency Random House). If you need those kind of services , you'll find more about how I can help you with your writing career here.

Here are a couple of books I've written which are available as ebooks from Amazon.


You can read my blog, So You Wanna be a Writer here