The first page of Lex the Lion by Dutch author David Scherwood.


My current children's book project, Cats in Cravats.

One of sixty illustrations I did for the Hinkler Books edition of Treasure Island.


Another book in the Hinkler Classics Illustrated series - Call of the Wild 


 The picture below is concept art for an animated feature, Rabbit Boy, I think it would make  a cool book illo though.      


 Ghost Gum Press published my children's book series Wild and Crazy Dinosaurs. This is a double page spread from Spike Gets Stuck. The series was re-released in a kindle edition last year.


 This one is from a children's book I wrote for my kids. I like working in black  and white. 



Twins by Nava Levy. A very fun illustration project, released as an ebook by Possible Press, last year.